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016 // How I Manifested Our Dream Apartment [Full Manifestation Process]

September 21, 2018


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Babe, I am SO excited to share this episode with you, as it is the EXACT process I went through, to manifest our dream apartment, which we now live in! Sharing this with you makes me so happy, as one of the biggest things that helped me when I was starting out with manifestation, was hearing the success stories of others, so I’m excited to share one of my success stories with you now!

Find out exactly how I manifested this apartment, and how I KNEW the Universe was delivering it to us, months before we had ever even seen it!


In this episode, I chat to you babes about:

The exact process I went through to manifest our dream apartment

The Universe sign that showed up TWICE for me in the process

How I knew the apartment was on its way to us, with no resistance at all

Why gratitude and visualisation is so important to manifesting

The key things you need to do, to manifest anything into your life too

The one aspect that is so often MISSED OUT by Manifestation Coaches!



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