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023 // What my journey into spirituality looked like, and how a complete breakdown opened me up to the power of manifestation

October 24, 2018


I'm so excited to share this episode with you, as we switch things up a little bit, and I share a recent interview with you that I did over on The Brooke Alexander Show.

In this interview, Brooke and I really deep dive my journey into spirituality, and what the entire process has looked like for me, from childhood, through to a breakdown, through to today. I loved being a part of this interview, and I'm so excited to share a lot about me that you might not now as yet, including:

♡ How my whole journey with manifestation, law of attraction and connecting with the Universe happened

♡ What my journey of discovery looked like, including a full on break down

♡ How I lost myself in masculine energy, and what moving back into my feminine looked like

♡ The biggest mindset shifts that I’ve undergone that has helped me along the way

♡ How opening up to manifestation affected my relationships with those around me

♡ Opening up about my complete journey from ‘fitness’ into ‘spirituality’

♡ How the Universe was showing me signs about what was coming for me, well before it actually did

♡ Why journalling is one of the biggest tools I use to gain clarity and move through blocks and limiting beliefs 


You can check out the original interview and Brooke's show by heading here: The Brooke Alexander Show



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