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031 // Why comparing yourself to others is holding you back from manifesting your dream life

November 16, 2018

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My babe! I am SO passionate about sharing everything with you in this episode, for when I learnt these things in my own journey, they were MINDBLOWING and they changed everything!

In this episode, I talk to you babes about:

  • How comparing yourself to others is actually creating energetic blocks for what you desire
  • Why you are on your perfect path and comparing to others only takes away from that
  • Why comparing to others only slows down the manifestation process
  • How to start looking at others in a way that shifts your energy to being positive in order to manifest MORE of what you want
  • Why comparing has a massive impact on whether your life is filled with lack or abundance
  • How to make the change so that comparisonitis no longer plagues you!


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