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034 // Just because you have a low vibe moment does not mean you have a low vibe life

November 23, 2018

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Okay babe, hands up if you’ve ever let a low-vibe moment ruin your entire day. Trust me, I know the feeling, and I’ve been there - which is why I know this episode is so so important to share. I used to be someone that allowed a low vibe moment to spiral out of control and govern my entire day - seeing me manifest, you guessed it, an awful day where things went wrong, I didn’t achieve what I set out to achieve, and I finished feeling sad, down and defeated - hoping that tomorrow would be better.

But my babe, I’m telling you now (from experience) that it is NOT meant to be like that, and that a low vibe moment does not mean a low vibe day, or life. And through going through my spiritual journey with manifestation, I have learnt exactly how to shift my vibration, which is what I share with you in this episode.


In today’s episode, I chat about:

↣ How you have the power within you right now to CHOOSE whether a low vibe moment ruins your day or is released

↣ Why it’s important to look internally and externally when you are feeling low vibe as it is often a sign something needs changing

↣ What to do next time you are feeling low vibe, to move back into that high vibe energy in order to manifest more of what you want

↣ Why a low vibe moment isn’t a bad thing and doesn’t define you, it just means you need to come back into alignment

↣ How focusing on what you don’t want actually manifests more of that thing

↣ What to do in order to easily come back to high vibe, no matter what


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