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059 // How To Design A Freedom Life With Kelly Marcyniuk

February 15, 2019

Hello my gorgeous babe and welcome back to the Strong Babe Collective Podcast where I am here today with an incredible interview with the amazing Kelly Marcyniuk of The Freedom Babe - a platform, brand and tribe that teaches millennial women how to design a life that makes people wonder if you even have a job. Whether you're building a freedom based business or striving for a life filled with wine + dining and first class travel, Kelly's got you covered. Kelly believes you shouldn't have to compromise your freedom to run a thriving business or upgrade your life - you can have it all. 


Here’s what we chat about in today’s episode:

Why success is not just defined by the number of clients or the amount of money you have, but is actually so much more than that

How to release the expectation you have on yourself to work outside of what feels good to you

The three steps that you can take right away to start living a freedom life

Why taking inspired action is everything, and how to do it in a way that leaves time for all the fun things

Why balancing your masculine and feminine energy is so important to the manifestation process

How to trust the process as you go, and to take messy action even when you don’t have the whole plan mapped out

Why success and money flow to you so much easier when you release the pressure and the forcing around it and you truly surrender to the Universe


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