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070 // Twin Flames, Unlocking Psychic Abilities and Learning How To Really Love Yourself with Kelsey Aida

April 19, 2019

On this episode I am sitting down with self love expert, author and all round incredible soul, Kelsey Aida, who is here to share so much light on the Strong Babe Collective Podcast. Kelsey is a next-generation thought leader who has taught thousands of people how to own their power and win at life, and is on a mission to empower people to step into their greatness with the same actionable inspiration that helped her beat depression and become one of the most fulfilled people she knows.



↣ How to tell the difference between a soulmate and a Twin Flame

↣ Redefining high vibe and what it actually means to raise your vibration

↣ Why Ego is not a bad thing, and is actually something that serves you

↣ Kelsey’s journey into becoming a psychic medium

↣ Why all emotions are valid, and how feeling into them all is such a key to manifestation

↣ What it really means to show yourself self love and how to do it properly


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