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072 // Mindset Shifts, Macro Tracking and Manifesting Your Health + Fitness Goals With Lucy Dunne

May 3, 2019

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In this episode I am sitting down with Lucy Dunne, the founder of Dunnebells; an online personal training company inspiring women all around the world to become the best version of themselves yet! After losing over 65lbs and recovering from binge eating herself, Lucy is passionate about building an army, a tribe and creating something MUCH BIGGER than just another weight loss transformation, she knows that collectively we can have more of an impact than if we go it alone.


↣ Why your health and fitness goals are so much more than just a number on the scales

↣ The importance of working out to feel good and how it helps with manifesting your goals

↣ Why your relationship with your food has such an impact on your results

↣ Lucy’s journey through binge eating and how she got to where she is now

↣ The impact of mindset when it comes to your health and fitness

↣ How to clear through all the different choices in order to know what is right for you around your weight loss goals

↣ Why there is no such thing as failure and how to start seeing every setback as part of the journey and the seed for success

↣ Why hitting your health and fitness goals is actually a bi-product of shifting your mindset, your internal dialogue and your relationship with yourself

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