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079 // Diana Espir - From Red Carpets to Real Talk and Why Being Your Unapologetic Self Is So Important

June 4, 2019

On today’s episode, I chat with Diana Espir, a red-carpet reporter turned cut-through-the-crap podcaster, content creator, and all round refreshing voice in the world of ‘celebrities’.

Diana’s desire to create atypical interview segments inspired her to create the ‘You Can’t Sit With Me’ Podcast: the unfiltered and non-regimented evolution from her days as a controversial host of the red carpet. Diana’s unique interview style, British wit, and relationships with recognised talent brings a fresh perspective to the world of entertainment news, described as ‘unconventional Hollywood wisdom.’

She has been featured by Forbes as top 18 female-led podcaster, as well as KTLA and LA Weekly, and in today’s episode we take a whole different vibe on the Strong Babe Collective Podcast and uncover a different way to view mindfulness, your life journey, and what it means to follow your own, unconventional path.


Here’s just some of the Strong Babe Shifts waiting for you in today’s episode:

The importance of being your authentic self and showing up unapologetically

Behind the scenes of red carpet interviews and what it’s really like out there

Why carving a path and stepping outside of the norm is sometimes what you need to do to get where you want to go

How mindfulness looks different for everyone and learning that spirituality can be whatever you want it to be

Why going through the struggle and the hard times helps you to get clearer on who you are

The importance of saying what you truly think and why it’s important not to apologise for your opinions

Why cutting through what everyone expects of you is often what calls in your tribe





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