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087 // Instagram Likes, Sharing Your Voice + Releasing The Anxiety Around Showing Up For Your Audience

July 19, 2019

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If you haven’t already seen it, Instagram made a massive change this week and removed the Visible Likes from our posts, which sparked a massive download for me, and began a huge conversation with you babes over on Instagram.

Naturally, I had to share it with you here on the Podcast, and this one shift around the Instagram Likes actually brought up so much more..including comparisonitis, holding yourself back, anxiety to post, and why it’s important we don’t let any of these things stop us from showing up for our audience and sharing our voice in the way it is so needed.

So excited to share this with you, and would love to hear your thoughts on the topic! Make sure you let me know over on Instagram! You can find me here: @taylorraepeters

Strong Babe Shifts In This Episode:

↣ The removal of the Instagram Likes feature and what it means

↣ Why we need to shift from seeking validation to providing value

↣ The “social” in Social Media and why we need to start focusing on that

↣ Releasing the anxiety around posting and showing up for your audience

↣ The importance of sharing your voice and why it is so needed

↣ How to stay in your own lane and let go of comparisonitis


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