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086 // What To Do When It Feels Like Manifestation ISN’T WORKING!!

July 12, 2019



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Babe hands UP if you’ve ever felt frustrated with the manifestation process. I’m sure both hands are in the air right now, and girl I FEEL YA. I’ve been there and I know that sometimes it can feel like manifesting isn’t working.


BUT, that is not the case at all (hint: the Universe has always got you), and I’m here to share with you FOUR massive shifts that you can make, next time it feels like manifesting isn’t working, so that you don’t completely sabotage yourself from the get-go.


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Strong Babe Shifts In This Episode:


↣ How to work in conjunction with the Universe in order to call in your desires

↣ Highlighting the importance of taking aligned action as opposed to random action

↣ Why your external reality is a result of what is going on internally

↣ How to hold loosely to timeframes around what you are manifesting

↣ The importance of taking ownership of your role in manifesting

↣ How to surrender and stop forcing in the moments it feels the hardest



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