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091 // Crystal Irom on How To Find Love And Date With Intention To Manifest Your Soulmate

August 16, 2019

In this episode I am sitting down with Relationship Coach and Host of the Rise In Love Podcast, Crystal Irom. 

Crystal is one of the top relationship coaches and experts in the world. She helps single women create happy, healthy, and loving relationships through manifesting and intentional dating.

Her signature approach is based on years of studying men, relationships, manifesting, and dating. She applied everything she learned to go from single to happily married to the love of her life within 10 months.


Inside this episode we are talking all about:

↣  Crystal’s approach to dating and relationships and how she went from “absolutely single” to married in just 10 months

↣  What your ‘love blueprint’ is and how it is formed

↣  How to fit dating into a busy schedule and make it work for you

↣  The importance of going internal first, before looking for your soulmate

↣  What it means to ‘Date Like A Duchess’ and why you should too

↣  The one crucial thing you MUST do when manifesting love, that most people are missing


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