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103 // Conscious Boss Emily Gallagher on Cultivating Connection, Trusting Where You Are Guided, and Taking The Leap

October 25, 2019

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Today I am sitting down with Emily Gallagher, a Ted X Speaker, biz strategist, coach, speaker, obsessive collaborator and the creator of the Conscious Boss movement. She is a multiple 6 figure business owner living between NZ & LA and having a global impact as she cultivates connection, collaboration, community and contribution for entrepreneurs everywhere. Emily has already achieved so much and shows no signs of slowing down - in fact. She is just getting started. 


Inside of this episode:

↣ How Emily balances work, life and building a global business

↣ How you can choose to operate in an abundance mindset when making decisions

↣ The importance of prioritising play & flow and how burnout was the ultimate learning moment for Emily

↣ Why ‘trusting the nudges’ often opens you up to more opportunities and abundance than when we try to control everything

↣ The importance of redefining what success means to you and how that impacts your life

↣ Why connection and tribe is so important and how to start cultivating more of that in your life and business


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