Strong Babe Collective

104 // How to Have Your First FIVE FIGURE MONTH In Your Business

November 1, 2019

Something I get asked about a lot is how to call in that holy grail when it comes to abundance flowing into your biz. The MAGIC FIVE FIGURE MONTH. And girl, I get it. I remember feeling like it was so far away, but when I figured out the steps and applied them, everything shifted fast, and I called in that first $10K, quick. Which is why I am showing you exactly how to do it inside this episode.


Inside of this episode:


↣ The exact steps you need to take to call in a five-figure month

↣ How to become open and available to receive your first $10k month

↣ Why thinking about it and visualising it isn’t enough

↣ The importance of breaking down your services and getting clear on your offer

↣ How to call in clients by taking consistent, massive action

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