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105 // Tony Robbins UPW…Our Biggest Takeaways [ft. James’s podcast debut]

November 8, 2019

It’s happened...James has finally popped his podcasting cherry and joined me for our first COUPLES episode where we sit down and talk all about our biggest takeaways from Tony Robbins’ event Unleash The Power Within back in September. Over a month on, what did we learn, how did it change us and have we kept up the new habits? Listen to find out…


Inside of this episode:

↣ Our eight biggest tangible takeaways from Tony Robbins’ UPW and how you can use them too

↣ What it changed for us personally and on a relationship level by going to the event

↣ How to shift your energy and your mindset to achieve more of your life goals

↣ The secret to living an extraordinary life and how to do it

↣ The four pillars of potential that will change how much you achieve in life


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Appreciate and love you so much babe! Thank you for taking the time to listen! If you enjoyed the episode, please let me know by leaving a review on iTunes! xxx