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106 // Cait Scudder on Niching Down, Growing Your Team & Building a Movement Online

November 15, 2019

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Cait Scudder is a business coach and success catalyst for driven, bold-hearted women who want it all - global impact, bursting income, and the legacy that comes from building a movement bigger than themselves. She is the CEO of a multi-six figure online business, the host of the Born to Rise podcast, has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and more - and serves thousands of women every day helping them build the profitable business and radiant life of their dreams.

Inside of this episode:

↣ Why we create problems that aren’t actually problems 

↣ What niching is really about and how to do it

↣ Building a location independent team and how to handle all the moving parts

↣ How to move through imposter syndrome and what it really means

↣ Cait’s process for getting featured on Forbes and other major platforms 


Connect With Cait:

Instagram: @caitscudder

Facebook: Cait Scudder


Check out Cait's TEDx talk; Rising Is A Risk, Do It Anyway


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