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110 // We’ve All Got A Seat At The Table #CollaborationOverCompetition

December 3, 2019

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Move over competition, it’s time for collaboration! It’s time to celebrate your sistas rising with you! It’s time to realise that we are stronger together and that there is enough room for all of us at the table. Say bye-bye to comparing, to imposter syndrome and to scarcity mindset, and hello to stepping up together, celebrating the shit out of each other and calling in massive abundance as a result!


Inside of this episode:

↣ Why feeling like you are in competition with others in your niche does not serve you

↣ How to realise there is more than enough clients and money out there for everyone

↣ Why no one is you and that is your power and how to step into your authenticity fully

The impact that holding space for and celebrating others has on you and those around you

↣ What I do with my clients to make sure I am supporting them, lifting them up and making sure we all rise together


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Music by Ehrling: 

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